August 20 2013, Canadian company from British Columbia – GreenLight Solutions Inc.  became a Distributor of Interconn Development Ltd. across South America and western North America.

Mr. Matt Robson, CEO at GreenLight Solutions Inc. is an experienced professional in hovercraft industry. For almost a decade Matt was responsible for hovercraft sales and marketing in Canada as a factory authorized Agent for Hovertechnics (Michigan, USA) and Pacific Hovercraft (Christchurch, NZ).

Matt holds the following licenses:

Air Cushion Vehicle Master Limited (CACVL)

Transport Canada – Minister’s Certificate, License 100865H

Marine Advanced First Aid

St. John Ambulance, License 2593825

Canair 506 Hovercraft Pilot Operators Course

Canwest Hovercraft Sales and Service Inc., License 21 May 2001

Hovertechnics Operator and Instructor

Hovertechnics Inc., License 10 October 2002

Medical Examination Certificate – Crewing Regulations

Transport Canada, License 16 May 2000.

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