ATASD advantages

  • Operate in temperatures as low as – 50C. Materials used in construction – Aluminum, Polyurethane Fabrics, Polycarbonate plastics.  Durable and resistant and don’t become brittle at extremely low temperatures
  • Easily accessible frame and engine components for repair or replacement
  • Variable pressure pontoons, pitch and rear lift stabilizers for multiple control options
  • 2.0L FI, 252 hp Ford Ecoboost engine fuel efficient and readily available for spare parts and service
  • Rated cargo capacity of 800 kg (1760 lbs), up to 9 passengers, room for one 8 wheeled Argo or two snowmobiles
  • Included a removable deck/cabin enclosure for protection from the elements
  • Available interior heating for winter operation
  • Full forward lighting array for dusk or night time operation
  • 15 minutes to rearrange deck for use as cargo, passenger or cargo-passenger configuration
  • For emergency or for transport requirements, the ATASD can be partially or fully disassembled within 5-6 hours and components can be loaded into the cargo-van, boat or helicopter for delivery to destination.  Reassembly in same time.

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